Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Zero-Matter Novel Excerpt - Chapters 5-8

Chapters 5-8 of Zero-Matter, my 71,000 word Science Fiction Novel.

Please see ‘The Basics’ on the right for the rules and thank you for reading.



  1. The first line in chapter 6. I think you wanted to say would insted of wouldn't.
    I'm still liking it, but what a place to leave me hanging! If I had the book that would be one of those places I would look at the the time and say to myself "one more chapter" even if it were 2:00am.

    So If I want to start writing where do you say I start?

  2. Rob - Thanks for the comment. you're right about would/wouldn't. Stupid typo.

    As far as writing goes, look to the right column on the blog at tips from the pros. All of those links take you to agent or editor blogs where they dole out great advice about getting published. There's not so much there about writing process - more what to do when you've got a completed manuscript. In my opinion, the best two are Nathan Bransford & Pub Rants.