Thursday, September 2, 2010

Can vitamins & supplements go bad?

Is there an expiration date on vitamins & supplements? Normally, I would just look at a bottle to figure it out for myself, but since I am at work right now and my multi-vitamins and St. John’s Wort are in little plastic baggies, I can’t. The reason I’m wondering is I just popped my daily dose of happy pills, see Wort above, and suddenly feel very sick to my stomach. I wonder if they’ve gone bad, if they can go bad or if they could possibly smell any more like alfalfa pellets? And if they did, could I get pygmy goats to eat them? Probably not the girls but the boy goats would probably be all over them.

Thinking this makes me miss Percy, the pet pygmy goat and now I’m thinking about the time he got into the grain (goat crack apparently) barrel and ate until he couldn’t reach any more and then didn’t move for several days. He just climbed into his manger to lie down and moan. No kidding, the goat slept in a manger. Talk about a god complex.

Anyway, lying down and moaning sounds good right now because, my stomach hurts from my expired anti-depressant supplement. But at least I can give myself points for bringing this post full circle. Thank you.

P.S. Trying to lose weight. Today’s reading: 258.4, and yes, I will be measuring in tenths of a pound.

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  1. Ah, Percy. The memories. He certainly knew how to make an impression. :) You are a great writer, Dan!